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HPMC for tile adhesive -hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC factory

Tile adhesive contains cement, sand and other additives

Additives are as follows.

1. Hydroxypropyl cellulose ether HPMC has hydrophobic thickening cellulose ether.

2. Redispersible polymer powder increases the adhesion of ceramic tiles. It is vinyl acetate/vinyl ester copolymer, vinyl laurate/vinyl/vinyl chloride.

3. Wood fiber can improve the crack resistance of mortar and increase the open time.

4. Modified starch ether provides the anti-slip property of mortar.

5. Early strength agent makes tile adhesive increase strength faster.

6. Waterproofing agent reduces water absorption and provides a waterproof effect.

According to the ratio of powder:water=1:0.25-0.3. Stirring is ready for construction

After the adhesive is completely dry, you can adjust the tile position within the allowed operation time (about 24 hours to fill, 24 hours should prevent heavy objects from pressing on the tile surface)

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) for tile adhesive is used in dry mortars in amounts of 0.2 to 0.3%.

HPMC for tile adhesive - tile adhesive hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC factory for the tile adhesive

Cement: 330kg

Sand: 690kg

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC: 4kg

Redispersible emulsion powder: 10kg

Calcium formate : 5kg

Total weight 1000kg

1.2 High adhesion tile adhesive formula

Cement: 350kg


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose: 2.5kg

Calcium formate: 3kg

Polyvinyl alcohol: 1.5kg

Redispersible latex powder: 18kg

Total weight 1000kg

Product Features

Good water retention

   Greatly improve water retention capacity and inhibit large water loss to highly absorbent tiles and substrates.

   Allowing sufficient water-hardening conditions for the cement, improving bond strength and further enhancing the slip resistance of the mortar.

Good workability

Good overall performance

Excellent and good open time

   Within a certain range, the methoxy content increases, resulting in a tendency of decreasing tensile strength. When the hydroxypropoxy content increases, the tensile strength tends to increase.

Improved thermal stability

Reduced delay in cement hydration

Excellent anti-slip properties

Improved rheology of gypsum

Good uniformity

Good processability

Good anti-cracking and anti-shrinkage

Tile adhesive advantages

● Improving the adhesion between tile adhesive and ceramic.

● Improving the flexibility and deformability of the caulk.

● Improvement of water blindness.

● Excellent open time and worker-adjustable time. It adjusts the errors of misplaced ceramics.

● good bonding strength and reduced shrinkage, whether thick or thin, without cracking and peeling of tiles due to stress.

● mortar has better plasticity and flexibility, which makes construction easier and work more efficiently.

For more information about HPMC products.

1. Product type: HPMC, modified HPMC, surface-treated HPMC

2. Viscosity range: 30,000~80,000 mpa.s(Brookfiled RV) / 600,000~300,000 mpa.s(NDJ/Brookfield LV)

3. Processability

The lubricity of YICHENG cellulose ether improves workability, makes spreading easier and increases efficiency. Users also like the "feel" that cellulose products give to tile adhesives and caulks.

4. Modified HPMC properties: water retention, slip resistance, crack resistance, longer open time, etc. Widely used in tile adhesives, wall putty, mortar, gypsum-based products, etc.

5. Stable quality: we keep HPMC samples for 3 years for each batch. We can track any quality problems for each customer

6. R&D center: We have a world-class R&D center. It ensures the most professional technical support for our customers.

YICHENG is an excellent supplier of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC for tile adhesive, tile adhesive and tile adhesive mortar. It has good water retention, longer open time, anti-slip, and better operability in China also is HPMC professional manufacturer and supplier. Our factory has been focusing on producing high-quality industrial-grade and construction-grade cellulose ether products for many years. We will provide you with competitive prices and professional service.

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