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EVOH Redispersible powder

Product Description

Product Description

1.0 What is RDP

RDP(Redispersible Polymer Powder/Redispersible Powder) or VAE is a water-soluble re-dispersible powder. It is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It dissolves in water easily and forms emulsion quickly , RDP could offer strong adhesive and stretching force to improve the workability, flexibility and water-proofing of the materials.
This VAE Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder Used in construction from Landcel uses polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. By adding landcel RDP, the performance of mortar with cement or gypsum can meet the needs of various constructions.

How to Choose RDP How to use RDP(VAE) Packing & Delivery

How to Choose RDP:

VAE Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)is produced by spray-drying and water-based 
emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate and acrylic acid, dissolves in water easily and quickly 
forms emulsion.The main specification is as below, and Ash content , Film tempreture is the key properties.

ItemsTechnical data
AppearanceWhite powder, free-flowing
Assay  %98.0±2
Ash content  %10±2
Average particle size μm~80
PH Value6-8
Minimum film forming Temperature  ºC0-5

How to use RDP(VAE):

  • Tile adhesive

  • Bonding mortar for external wall insulation system

  • External wall external thermal insulation system

  • Joint Fillers

  • Self-flowing cement mortar

  • Inner and outer wall flexible putty

  • Flexible anti-crack mortar

  • Drymix powder coating

  • Polymer mortar products with higher requirements for flexibilit

Packing & Delivery:


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