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Indian market RDP/RD Powder

Product Description

Redispersible polymer is a type of powder material that is used in construction industry to improve the properties of cement-based materials such as mortars, tile adhesives, and grouts. It is made up of polymer resins that are typically derived from vinyl acetate or another synthetic monomer, which is then modified with other chemical components like acrylics, ethylenes, and styrene-butadiene.

The redispersibility of these polymers refers to their ability to disperse back into water after drying. This property allows them to act as a binder between cement particles, increasing the strength and adhesion of the cement-based material. Redispersible polymers also provide benefits such as improved flexibility, crack resistance, water retention, and workability.

Redispersible polymers are widely used in the construction industry due to their versatility and effectiveness in improving the performance of cement-based materials. They are available in various grades and formulations that can be customized to suit different applications and requirements.



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