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Characteristics, Uses and Industry Reference Ratio Ratio of HPMC

Characteristics, Uses and Industry Reference Ratio Ratio of HPMC


1. Increase viscosity and thicken 

Increase the product viscosity, anti-flow hanging, anti-slip 

2. Strong water retention 

Effectively keep the product moisture, prevent the loss of products slow drying, slow coagulation 

3. Prevent powder cracking 

Effectively prevent dedusting, reduce and prevent the cracking of cement gypsum after drying 

4. Lubrication workability 

Increase product lubrication, facilitate construction, and increase pumpability

HPMC for Wall Putty

HPMC for Wall Putty

Product use 

It is suitable for building mortar, external wall insulation, tile and marble adhesive to improve cement bond strength, improve water retention, anti-hanging ability, improve anti-cracking and anti-shrinkage performance, extend mortar construction period, reduce cement consumption and reduce cost. 

Suitable for interior decoration, plastering mortar, powder wall coating, interface agent, self-leveling material, play the role of lubrication and water retention, has the effect of retarding, prevent drum cracking and cracking phenomenon, easy to construction, do not depowder, better control air infiltration, eliminate micro-cracks, improve the brightness of the coating surface.

HPMC for Self-Leveling

HPMC for Self-Leveling

Industry reference ratio ratio

1. Putty industry

Putty generally choose 80000-150000 viscosity, a ton of adding 3-5 kg (200000 viscosity, the greater the viscosity construction effect will be worse. Therefore, the HPMC with lower viscosity will be better).

2. Mortar industry 

Mortar added amount of a ton to add about 3 kilograms, mortar industry, 150,000 viscosity and 200,000 viscosity customers are useful, according to their own product requirements, choose one of them.

3. Gypsum industry

Gypsum needs to use 200,000 viscosity, a ton of added about 2.5. 

4. The adhesive industry 

Need to use 150000-200,000 viscosity, adhesive requires large viscosity, a ton of added in 5-6 kg, with redispersible latex powder, the effect is significant.

5. Spray slurry industry

Need to use 200,000 viscosity, a ton of added amount in about 6 kg a bag of cement about 300 grams, and then combined with calcium chloride curing, adhesive curing effect is significant.

6. Daily chemical class

Need to use cold water instant dissolve 200,000 viscosity, add the amount of about 10 per thousand, according to their own requirements.

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