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200000cps high water retention HPMC for construction

Product Description

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is commonly used as an additive in cement mortar to improve its properties. HPMC acts as a water retention agent, which helps the mortar to maintain its consistency and workability for longer periods of time. It also enhances the adhesion between the mortar and other surfaces, such as bricks or tiles.

In addition, HPMC can improve the durability of cement mortar by reducing the formation of cracks and improving its resistance to water absorption. HPMC can also improve the flexibility of the mortar, which allows it to better withstand stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Overall, HPMC is a widely used additive in the construction industry and has many benefits when added to cement mortar. Its ability to improve the workability, adhesion, durability, and flexibility of cement mortar make it an essential component in many construction projects.

Technical Data Sheet HPMC Application HPMC Features Factory Information Exhibition Review

Technical Data Sheet:

Product Name
S70M (Construction grade)
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Hebei, China (Mainland)
White powder
Methoxy cotent (%)
Hydroxyproply cotent (%)
PH value (1% solution)
Moisture (%)
≤ 5.0
Ash content (%)
≤ 3.0
Particle size
80 Mesh passed 100%
Viscosity (mPa.s )
50 000 ~ 200 000 (NDJ-1, 4#, 30r/min, 1% solution, 20℃)
Putty powder, Tile adhesive, Cement/Gypsum based products , etc.
Water retention, High adhesive, Anti-slip, Excellent workability
25kg / bag, ODM&OEM are accepted

HPMC Application:

Wide range of uses

1.  In Cement Based Products:
(1) Tile Adhesive;   (2) Wall Putty; 
(3) Self-Leveling;   (4) EIFS/ETICS
2.  In Gypsum Based Products:
(1) Gypsum Machine Plaster; 
(2) Gypsum Hand Plaster; 
(3) Gypsum Finishing Plaster;
(4) Joint Filler, Crack Filler
3.  HPMC Used For Detergent:
(1) Washing Liquid;   (2) Dish Wash;
(3) Shampoo;             (4) Lotion

1. In Cement Based Products

YICHENG HPMC is widely used in Cement Based products, including Tile Adhesive, Wall Putty, EIFS/ETICS, Cement Plasters, Self-leveling Compound, Tile Grout etc, to improve the required properties like Water Retention, Slip-resistance, Better Workability, Longer Open Time, Anti-crack property, Sag-resistance, Good Consistency etc.

2. In Gypsum Based Products
With yearly experiences, Yicheng HPMC is specially designed for different kinds of Gypsum Based products, including Gypsum Adhesive, Gypsum Filler/Joint Filler, Gypsum Plasters, etc, to improve the required properties like Water Retention, Slip-resistance, Better Workability, Longer Open Time, Anti-crack property, Sag-resistance, Good Consistency etc.

3. HPMC Used For Detergent:

With the improvement of the standard of living, detergents(includes cosmetics, shampoo, hand sanitizer, laundry liquid and other personal care products) have become a part of daily necessity. YICHENG HPMC is an essential additives in the detergents application to achieve some key properties like thickening, water retention and film-forming properties.

HPMC Features:

Wall putty powder

❃ Dry mixed mortar

❃ Cement-based brick,tile and brick base

❃ Gypsum-based plaster board structure stucco

❃ Tile adhesive

❃ Cleanling and daily use chemical

❃ Detergent and wash liquid

❃ Water soluble paints

Factory Information:

Jinzhou Yicheng Cellulose Co.,Ltd.
More than 20 years’ experience, 80,000㎡ environmental workshop, 400 workers, including 36 senior technical staffs and 18 for research, 800 meters from Shihuang Highway, this is how we keep good quality and competitive prices for global valued customers.


Exhibition Review:

1. Quality products with the most Competitive price has given our factory a big market share.
2. ODM&OEM can be accepted. We can produce according to your indicators.
3. Free sample can be offered to testify our quality.
4. Enough experience makes us more confident to provide more comprehensive services.
5. Enough stock to enable us to accept urgent orders and ensure fast delivery time.
6. Win-win cooperation with many famous companies!


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